How do I add an alternative version of my custom?

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It is easy to add an alterative version to an existing custom listing. Examples include:

  • 2x Bass Pedal
  • Karaoke
  • Other
  • Rhythm Guitar on Bass
  • Rhythm Guitar on Keys

To upload an alternative version first open the Rhythmverse File Manager:

Find the custom that you want to update. Click the menu button  for that custom:

In the drop-down menu click the Update version button. 

The Data Extraction window will open:

Select the song that you want to upload using one of the following methods:

  • Click the Drop file here area, a file browser window will open. Select your song file and then click the Submit button.

  • Drag and drop your custom song file from Windows Explorer (or similar applications) into the drop file here area. Click the Submit button.

File Manager will process your custom song file. The Edit Content window will open:

The Difficulties tab displays the authored difficulties for each instrument. Check that the entries are correct and then click the Set File Data button to continue.

The File Data tab displays high-level information about your custom.

If your song is an alternate version select an option using the Alternate Version drop-down menu:

  • 2x Bass Pedal
  • Karaoke
  • Other
  • Rhythm Guitar on Bass
  • Rhythm Guitar on Keys

In the Vocal Parts Authored drop down menu select the number of vocal parts that you have authored:

  • 1 part
  • 2 parts
  • 3 parts

In the example screenshot (above) a 2x drum version is being added to the listing. In the Alternative Version field the 2x Bass Pedal option has been selected.

Note: Any notes that you type in the File Notes field will be displayed as part of your custom listing:

Click the Set Authors button to proceed.

The Authors tab allows you to credit authors who had significant or minor contributions to your custom.

Instruments and vocals are listed under the Instruments sub-tab:

Audio production, tempo mapping, testing, and venue are listed under the Game Dynamics sub-tab:

Type the main contributor and any minor contributors names into each section. Author's names will be filtered as you type. Click an author's name to select it.

To continue click the Set Release button.

The Set Release tab sets the date and time for your custom to be published.

Hosting custom songs through Rhythmverse is free. If for some reason you do not want Rhythmverse to host your custom song use the External URL field instead. 

The Release Time can be customized and set for a future date and time. You can also choose to hide content if you need to with the Hide content for now checkbox.

To complete your upload click the Publish button.

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